Baby Name Name Origin Name Meaning
Emeline Teutonic Industrious
Emily Latin Ambitious, Industrious
Emma, Em, Emmie, Emmi, Emmy Teutonic, German Ancestress, Whole, Embracing all
Emelina Teutonic Hard Working, Rumored to be the formal first name for the twin daughter of Jennifer Lopez and
Marc Anthony. Emme for short.
Emme Teutonic First name of twin daughter
of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.
Short for Emelina.
Erika Norse Powerful, Regal
Erline, Erlina Anglo Saxon The Elfin
Ernestine Teutonic Intent in Purpose
Esmeralda English Green Gemstone
Erin Irish Ancient name of Ireland, From Ireland
Estelle Latin A Star
Estra Anglo Saxon Goddess of Spring
Ethel Teutonic Noble
Eudora Greek Delightful Gift
Eugenia Greek Well Born
Eunice Greek Happily Victorious
Euphemia Greek Of Fair Fame
Eva Hebrew Life
Evangelina Greek Angel
Evelyn, Eve Hebrew Life, Life Giving


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