Dallas Leandra Walker – The baby naming story

My baby’s name is actually Dallas Leandra Walker. When picking a name for my child, I wanted a letter that starts with a D mainly because his dad names start with a D. I’m that person who believe’s that everyone should have their own name, although there’s nothing wrong with generational names. I just don’t prefer them as much. I wanted something that could also stand for his dad name tho. His middle name stands for my dad and his dad name as well. Leon is my deceased father’s name and Deandra is my child’s father name, so that’s how we got Leandra. I didn’t want to name him to be a Jr. or have the exact name I wanted him to be his own person. Everyone one loved his name and agreed that it sounded nice, of course I had to get Deandra, my family and friends opinions on his name. Now we are expecting our bundle of joy at the end of April. My due date is May 5th, but he’s measuring a week early! So let’s just say Dallas will be making his arrival very soon! I would also like to thank Terri, (Baby chatter) for the beautiful name art!

The baby name story for Dallas Leandra Walker was submitted by Miracle W.

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