Rebeca Sofia – A mother’s baby naming story

Before I got married and with no boyfriend on sight, my mother was so worried that I might not find the right one for me, so she made a pact with God and told Him that the man who invited me to church that’ll be the one who I will marry to, just like Isaac (from the Bible) found his wife, Rebeca, as he said that the woman who offered water to his camels was going to be the one for him. That would be the sign. And a few months later my dearly beloved husband appears in my life, saying those magical words, “let’s go to the church together”.

Six months after we got married, we happily found out that I was 6 weeks pregnant already, and we gave the news to our respective mothers, not knowing yet of course if my baby was a boy or a girl. When I was 12 weeks pregnant my husband and I were looking for names for both genders, and started with girl’s name, and we both remembered the pact my mother made with God, so we decided that if we had a babygirl we would name her Rebeca, and we were trying some possible combinations and liked the name Sofia, so the winner full name was Rebeca Sofia.

I few days later I called my mother and she asked about my pregnancy, and without me telling her a word about the name we agreed, she surprisingly asks: How is my little Rebeca? Wow! that was such a confirmation, because none of us knew what we were having, and on my 20th week of pregnancy we found out that we were indeed having a beautiful baby girl, Our Rebeca Sofia!

Submitted By Claudia.