Baby Name Name Meaning
Aba Born on Thursday
Abayomi Come to Bring Joy
Abebi We asked and we got her
Abeo Come to Bring Happiness
Abla Wild Rose
Adaeze Princess
Adande Challenger
Adanma Daughter of Beauty
Adanna Father’s Daughter
Adanne Mother’s Daughter
Adero Life Giver
Adjua Born on Monday
Adwin Artist
Adzo Born on Monday
Afam Friendly
Afi Born on Friday
Agbeko Life
Aisha Life
Alyetoro Peace on Earth
Akili Wisdom
Akuabia Here is Wealth
Akuako Youngest Twin
Akwate Oldest Twin
Aidoo Arrived
Alaba 2nd Child
Alaezi Exonerated
Ama Born on Saturday
Asha Life
Ayanna Beautiful Flower
Baako 1st Born
Badu 10th Born
Bahati Luck/Lucky
Baba Born on Thursday
Benada Born on Tuesday
Binah Dancer
Binta With God
Bisa Loved
Bunme My Gift
Chiku Chatterer
Chinue God’s Blessing
Damisi Cheerful
Doli Doll
Efia Born on Friday
Eshe Life
Fadhila Outstanding
Faiza Victorious
Ghalyela Precious
Gimbya Princess
Haiba Charm
Hanna Happiness
Hamida Gracious
Halla Unexpected Gift
Imena Dream

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