Amelia Jean – The story behind the name

The story of how our precious Amelia Jean came to be. My Husband & I both wanted our daughter to have a strong yet unique name. We spent hours searching for the perfect name to fit our perfect little girl. I have always loved the name Amelia & after writing endless pages of every girls name I could think of I always seemed to come back to Amelia. I think it’s such a sweet & elegant name for a girl. My Husband however wasn’t in love with it until he did some research & found that Amelia was ranked #7 for baby girl names in Scotland. He is very proud of his Scottish heritage & immediately after reading that, fell in love with the name. When it came time to choose her middle name, we both knew we wanted to show tribute to a family member who had passed. My Husband’s Grandmother had recently passed away in 2011 & her name was Jean. The moment we said Amelia Jean out loud we instantly knew that would be our daughters name. She brings so much joy to our lives, she’s our entire world & we love her bigger than the sky!♡

The baby name story for Amelia Jean was submitted by Jackie B.

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