Baby Name Name Origin Name Meaning
Tait Scandinavian Cheerful
Talbot Old German From the Valley
Tanner Old English Leather Worker
Tate Old English One Tenth
Taylor French Tailor
Teague Celtic A Poet or Bard
Terrence Latin Tender
Thaddeus Hebrew Praise be to God
Thayer Teutonic Of the Nation’s Army
Theobold Teutonic Patriotic
Theodore Greek Gift of God
Theron Greek Hunter
Thomas Aramaic Twin
Thorpe Teutonic Residence Name
Thurston Scandinavian Thor’s Jewel
Tilden Old English Residence Name
Timothy Greek Honor God
Titus Latin The Safe
Tobias Hebrew Goodness of the Lord
Toby Hebrew God is Good
Todd Scottish Fox
Tony Latin Beyond Praise
Torrence Irish Like a Tall Tower
Torrey Celtic Residence Name
Townsend Old English Residence Name
Travis, Travers French At the Crossing
Trent Latin Torrent
Trevor Celtic Prudent, Cautious
Trey Middle English Three
Tristan Latin Sorrowful
Troy Old French After the City
Truman Old English A Faithful, Loyal Man
Tyler Old English Occupation Name
Tyson Teutonic Son of the German