Aidyn Allen – the story behind the name

Our baby boy will be named Aidyn Allen. I always knew I wanted my sons middle name to be Allen. Allen is my uncle’s name and it’s also my brothers middle name. The two men I wanted to always name my baby after. When we first started to discuss baby names we wrote one name each, a name we liked and thought would suit us well. Aidyn was not my name but it was my boyfriends name that he wrote down. When i asked why, I instantly said yes to his answer. My boyfriends name is Erik and he is of Celtic heritage. If you look up Erik in Celtic it means “Big Fire” and if you look up Aidyn in Celtic it means “Little Fire”. So out son will be named after his father and the two most influential men in my lives.

The baby name story for Aidyn Allen was submitted by Melissa T.

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