Baby Name Name Origin Name Meaning
Habiba Arabic Beloved, Cherished
Hadley English Heather Meadow
Hagne Greek Pure
Hala Arabic Lunar Halo, Glory
Halcyon, Halcione Greek Calm, Peaceful
Haley, Hailey Norse Heroine
Halfrida German Peaceful Heroine
Hannah Hebrew Favour, Grace
Haralda Old Norse Army Ruler, Army Power
Harelda Teutonic Mighty in Battle
Harper Old English Harpist
Harriet Teutonic Mistress of the Home
Harley Old English From the Long Field
Harlow Old English Army Hill, Troops on the Hill, First name for daughter of
Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, See Winter
and Kate
for middle name information
Harmony Latin A Beautiful Blending, Joining, Virtue Name
Hattie Teutonic Mistress of the Home
Haven English Refuge, A Sanctuary
Hayfa Arabic Slender, Delicate, Dainty
Haviva Hebrew Beloved
Hazel English Hazel Tree, Light Brown
Heather English Flowering Heather
Heidi German Noble, Kind, Also known from Johanna Spyri’s classic children’s book
Helen, Helena Greek Light
Helga Teutonic Holy
Helia Greek The Sun
Heloise French Famous in Battle, Famous Fighter
Henrietta German Mistress or Ruler of the Home
Hera Greek Queen of the Gods
Hesper Greek Evening Star
Hester Greek A Star
Hetty **** Short for Henrietta
Hilary, Hillary Greek Happy, Glad, Cheerful
Hilda Teutonic War Maid
Holly, Hollie, Holli English The Holly Bush
Honey English Meaning Nectar, Sweetener,Sweet as honey
Honor English Honor, Virtue Name
Hope English Optimistic
Hortense Latin Gardener
Huberta Teutonic Bright Mind
Hypatia Greek Surpassing