Baby Name Name Meaning
Achilles A Trojan War Hero
Adonis Handsome, Lord
Alec Form of Alexander
Alexander, Alex Great Protector, Protector of Man
Andreas Form of Andrew
Andrew Manly, Strong
Adrian Rich
Anthony Flourishing
Arsenio Masculine
Basil Royal
Bishop Overseer
Carsten, Karsten Anointed
Christian Follower of Christ
Christopher Christ-Bearer
Colin Form of Nicholas
Cosmo Roderly, Harmonious
Damian, Damien Tamer
Darius Wealthy
Demetrius Lover of the Earth
Dennis From Greek Mythology
Elias Form for Elijah
Eugene Born to Nobility
Galen, Gale Healer
George Farmer
Gino Form of Eugene
Hector Steadfast
Jason Healer
Julius, Julian Youthful
Khristos, Christos Form of Christopher
Leon, Leonard Brave as a Lion
Moris Son of the Dark One
Myron Fragrant Ointment
Nemo Glen
Nickolas (and all other spellings) Victorious People
Paris Lover
Peter Small Rock
Philip, Phil Horse Lover
Sebastian (and all other spellings) Venerable
Spiro Breath, Round Basket
Stamos Form of Stephen
Stephen (and all other spellings) Crowned
Thaddeus, Tad Courageous
Thanos Nobleman
Theodore Gift of God
Timothy Honoring God
Tyrone Sovereign
Xander Form of Alexander
Xenos Stranger
Yanni, Yanny, Yannis Form of John
Zander Form of Alexander, Great Protector, Protector of Man
Zeno Cart, Harness

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