Baby Name Name Origin Name Meaning
Page, Paige French Youthful Attendant, Assistant
Pamela Greek Sweet as Honey
Pandora Greek Gifted, All gifted
Pansy Greek A Thought
Pansy English Flower
Panthea Greek Of all the Gods
Parker English Park Guarder/Keeper, First name of Clay Aiken’s son
Patience Latin, English Enduring, Forebearing, Virtuous Virtue Name
Patricia Latin Noble Woman
Patty **** Variant of Patricia
Paula, Paulette Latin Small, Little
Pearl Latin White, The Pearl, Gem of the Sea
Peggy, Peg Greek A Pearl
Penelope Greek Weaver
Persis Greek Woman from Persia
Petrina Greek A Rock
Philana Greek Lover of Mankind
Philippa Greek Feminine of Philip, Lover of Horses
Philomena Greek She is Loved, Beloved
Phoebe Greek Bright, Shining, Radiant
Phyllis Greek A Green Bough
Polly **** Variant of Molly
Primavera Latin Spring’s Beginning
Primrose Latin, English First Rose
Priscilla Latin Ancient
Prudence English, Latin Discretion, Cautious, Wariness Virtue Name
Prunella Old French-Latin Plum or Prune Color
Purity English Clean, Pure, Virginal Virtue Name