Taylor Lynn – The baby naming story

When we found out I was pregnant we weren’t together that long, but thankfully we had already gone over baby names. I will admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of his names since he picked Taylor. I had a few cousins already named Taylor and I really didn’t like his reasons. But he told me that his best friend from high school who since high school had become a country singer and back in the day there was a girl he used to like name Taylor. After going back and fourth about it I finally gave in. The name Lynn comes from my middle name Lynn but I guess he didn’t remember my middle name because when I told him he seemed surprised. So we went for Taylor Lynn.

We aren’t a hundred percent sure on the baby’s gender yet but we have a good feeling it’s a girl. Now we got the name Matthew from his first name being Matthew and this will be his first child also so I wanted to name our son if we have a son after him.

The baby name story for Taylor Lynn was submitted by Brittany.

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