Baby Name Name Origin Name Meaning
Cadman Celtic Warrior
Caesar Latin Long Haired
Caerwyn Welsh White Fortress
Cai Welsh Joy
Calder Celtic From Stony River
Caleb Hebrew Faithful Affection
Calvert English Shepherd, Cowherd, Cowboy
Calvin Latin Bald
Caldwell Old English Near a Cold Well
Calvin Latin Bald
Cameron Scottish With a Crooked Nose
Campbell Scottish Crooked Mouth
Carl Teutonic Farmer
Carlin Gaelic Little Champion
Carlisle Old English From the Walled City
Carlton Old English From Carl’s Farm
Carmine Latin Red, Song
Carney Celtic Warrior
Carroll Celtic Champion
Carter English Cart Driver, Cart Maker
Carver Old English Wood Carver
Cary English Fort
Casey Celtic Brave, Vigilant
Casper Persian Treasure
Cassius Latin Vain
Cavan Irish Gaelic Handsome
Cecil Latin Blind
Cedric Celtic Chieftain
Cerny Czechoslovakian Black
Chad, Chadwick Celtic Warrior
Chalmers Teutonic Lord of the Household
Chance English Fortune, Luck
Chandler Old French, English Candlemaker, City in Arizona
Channing Old French A Canon
Chapin Old French A Clergyman
Chapman Anglo Saxon Merchant
Charles Anglo Saxon Manly
Chase French Hunter
Chatwin Old English Warlike Friend
Chauncey Latin Chancellor
Chester Old English Dweller in Fortified Town
Chip English Nickname for Charles
Christian Latin A Christian
Christopher Greek Christ-Bearer
Chuck American Diminutive Form of Charles
Cian Irish Gaelic Ancient
Ciaran Irish Dark, Black
Ciardubhan Gaelic Little Black One
Clancy Irish Red or Ruddy Warrior
Clarence Latin Famous
Clark English Cleric, secretary, clerk or scribe
Claude Latin Lame
Clayton, Clay Old English The Clay Farm
Cleary Irish Learned, Clerk or Scholar
Cleon Greek Glory
Clifford Anglo Saxon Near the Cliff
Clive Old English Cliff Dweller
Clyde Welsh Heard from Afar


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