Baby Name Name Origin Name Meaning
Coleman Irish Dove
Colin Greek People’s Victory
Collier Old English Miner
Colton Old English Coal Town
Con, Conan Celtic Wise, High
Cong Chinese Clever, Smart
Conner, Connor Gaelic Strong Will
Conrad Teutonic Able in Counsel
Conroy Irish Wise Man
Conway Celtic Hound in the Plain
Cooper English Barrel Maker
Corbin Latin The Raven
Corey Old Irish Residence Name
Cormac Irish Gaelic Of the Chariot
Corwin Latin The Raven
Cosmo Greek Well-Ordered
Coty French Small Hill, Small Slope or Hillside
Craig Irish Steep Rock, Rocky, From the word crag
Crandall English Valley of Cranes
Creed American Doctrine, Religious Belief
Crispin Latin Curly Haired
Crosby Teutonic Dweller by Town Cross
Culbert Teutonic Cool and Brilliant
Culver Old English Dove
Curt Latin Short or Little
Curtis French Courteous
Cuthbert Anglo Saxon Famous and Brilliant
Cyril Greek Lordly
Cyrus Persian The Sun

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