Baby Name Name Origin Name Meaning
Gabrielle Hebrew God’s Messenger
Gada Hebrew Fortunate, Lucky
Gafna Hebrew Vine
Gala Scandinavian Singer, Celebration
Gale, Gail Old English Lively, Short for Abigail
Galiena German High One
Gale, Gail Hebrew A Father’s Joy
Garda Teutonic Protected
Galiana German Supreme One
Gardenia English Flower
Gaye French-Teutonic Lighthearted
Gelsey, Gelsi Persian A Flower
Gemini Greek Twin
Geneva French Juniper
Genevieve French Humble
Georgette Greek Feminine of George
Georgia, Georgiana Greek Feminine of George
Geraldine Teutonic Mighty with a Spear
Germaine Teutonic Armed
Gertrude Teutonic Spear Maiden
Giacinta Italian Hyacinth
Gilda Celtic Servant of God
Gillian Latin Feminine of Julian
Gin Japanese Silver
Gladys Latin Lame
Glenna Gaelic Valley, Form of Glenn
Gloria Latin Glorious, Glory
Glynnis Welsh Beautiful and Holy
Grace Latin, English Blessing from God, Lovely, Graceful, A Virtue Name
Gredel Greek A Pearl
Gretchen German Little Pearl
Grier, Greer Scottish Watchful, Vigilant
Griselda Teutonic Stone Heroine
Guinevere Celtic White or Fair
Gwen Celtic White or Fair
Gwendolyn Celtic White-Browed
Gwynne Celtic White or Fair
Gypsy English Wanderer