Vailen Harper – The story behind the baby name

In April 2016 we lost my Grandmother, whom I was very close with; at the ripe age of 70. Not very long after losing her I met the man who little did I know would become my rock, and Dad to our little girl. We suffered a miscarriage last October, so when we found out we were expecting again, it was bitter sweet for many reasons, as my Grandmother wouldn’t get to meet her first Great Grandchild, and we struggled not to get discouraged. So, to honor my Grandmother, and our angel baby we wanted our child’s name to represent Strength, and elegance; we wanted a name that just felt strong saying it. We fell in love with the name Vailen Harper, and something about it just felt all too right when we said it for the first time. That very night I had a dream that my Grandmother was holding her only moments after she was born, and took that as a sign of approval of her name. Vailen Harper is the breath of fresh air this family has needed for awhile.

The baby name story for Vailen Harper was submitted by Bernard and Ashley.

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