Kandis – The story behind the baby name

I am a stay at home mom so I had ample enough time to brainstorm about a name. It was our first pregnancy so we were being extra precautious and taking it easy from our usual routine. My husband watched over my pregnancy like he was the one with the baby in his stomach day and night, this was him on his best behavior catering to my every need sun up and sun down.

Around my third trimester we were approaching Easter and the spring weather was in full effect, sun shining in full blast and the birds steady chirping. My siblings had kids before me so it had become family tradition to make Easter baskets and have Easter egg hunts for my nieces and nephews. This one particular event I brought a Pinata and had it stuffed with all of our childhood sweets that me and my siblings grew up on. No one paid attention to the pinata thinking it was stuffed with your average penny store cheap taffy until it was burst open and all types of real candies emerged. I indulged so much in the rich chocolates it threw me into a early labor and to this day I blame that on them candies.

Submitted By Yandy T.