Glory Anne – Baby name story

My dad (Victor) and my grandma (Gloria) were my favorite people in the world. After they died, I decided that I wanted to name my future children after them. I wanted to make the names a little more unique so I decided that if I had a boy, I would name him “Victory.” And if I had a girl, I would name her “Glory.” I like the name “Victory” because it makes me feel like I conquered something. I like the name “Glory” because it makes me think of awe and wonder. Last September, I found out that I was pregnant. For middle names, I decided that I would use “John” (because my baby daddy’s name is Johnny), and “Anne” (because my middle name is Anne). So I would name my baby either “Victory John” or “Glory Anne.” I really wanted a girl. When I popped the balloon at my gender reveal party and saw pink confetti, I screamed so loud because my wish came true! I can’t wait to meet Glory Anne when I give birth to her in May.

The baby name story for Glory Anne was submitted by Lesley.

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