Kashton – the story behind the baby name

When daddy and I first found out we were expecting daddy said “its not going to start with a K”. My family starts their names with K, so that was the first choice we had to agree on. After a few weeks daddy started looking at K names. Most of them made us laugh, but we really liked Konner. Then in church we were reminded of the name Kalab. We both agreed that it was a good name for our boy. Until one day we were watching tv and a baby named Kashton came on. I told his dad right then that was the name meant for our child! After a few minutes of silence for him to think daddy got really excited and agreed. He said “its unique and easy to pronounce!” I liked the fact it is spelled like it sounds. So he won’t have too many issues with spelling his name. After a few weeks of telling everyone mostly everyone loved the name and had never heard of it. That made it a perfect fit with mine and his dad’s names being unique!

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