Blaise Michael Roy

Submitted by Sherise V.

It started with we don’t know who our little visitor would be. Boy or girl… we had no clue. So me and my husband would banter back and forth what names would we choose for either gender late into the night. Some names were too odd and others too bland. But we both agreed that it would have to be a fairly uncommon name. We wanted our special one to be as special to everyone as they were to us. So for a boy it started with his brothers name. Which just is too common and I like but don’t like at the same time. I wouldn’t want two Michael’s come running when I called just one. Then the girl names that I chose just didn’t fit. Then we found out he would be a “he”. That fixed everything slightly. So I looked into an old baby naming book that my mother had from the early nineties and found lots of unusual and fascinating names. Then I saw the name I wanted. It was just a matter of convincing my husband that Blaise should be the first name and Michael the middle. Eventually he gave in, not that he had much a choice ;D So we had our Blaise Michael Roy and we were happy.