Ariah Miracle Blessing – A mother’s story behind the name

Submitted by Aurelia B.

Once I learned of my pregnancy, I was extremely excited. I thought for quite some time that I was unable to conceive. After many ultrasound appointments, gender was unable to be determined due to my baby having his/her legs crossed or back turned. After listening to a couple of peoples high/low myths about how you carry, we wanted to believe that our child was a boy which would’ve been perfect since we had already come up with a name for boy. Well a day before my baby shower, I had an appointment for my final ultrasound, the sonographer said that if he had to bet money on the gender…he would say its a girl. Immediately, my partner and I searched the internet for girl names that started with an “A”, we found one that we really liked a lot which was “Ariah”, it means pure. So we were in agreement that Ariah would be our daughter’s first name and as previously mentioned, since I thought I couldn’t conceive, hence her middle names “Miracle Blessing”.