Baby Name Name Origin Name Meaning
Oakes Old English The Oak
Oakley Old English Grove of an Oak Tree
Obadiah Hebrew Servant of the Lord
Octavius Latin Eighth Born
Odell Norse Man of Property
Odhran, Odran, Oran Irish Green
Ogden Old English Residence Name
Olaf Old Norse Relic
Olin Middle English Holly
Oliver Latin Olive Tree
Omar Arabic First Born
Oren Hebrew Cedar Tree
Orlando, Orland Italian, Spanish, German Fame of the Land, Renowned Land, Italian form of Roland, City in Florida
Orson Latin Like the Bear
Orton Teutonic Wealthy
Orvin Anglo Saxon Boar Friend
Osborn Old English Soldier of God
Osborn Teutonic Divine Bear
Oscar Scandinavian Spear of God
Osgood Teutonic Divine Creator
Osmond Teutonic Under Divine Protection
Oswald Teutonic Of God-Like Power
Otis Greek Hears Well
Otto Teutonic Prosperous
Owen Welsh Young warrior, Well-born
Oxford English River’s Pass