Baby Name Name Origin Name Meaning
Valda Teutonic Spirited in Battle
Valeda Latin Strong or Healthy
Valencia Latin Strong, Vigorous
Valentina Latin Strong or Valiant
Valerie Latin Healthy
Valora Latin Brave
Vanessa Greek Butterfly
Vania Hebrew God’s Gracious Gift
Vara Greek The Stranger
Vashti Persian Beautiful
Veda Sanskrit Knowledge, Understanding
Vedette French From the Guard Tower
Vedette Italian Sentry, Scout, Sentinel
Veleda Teutonic Of Inspired Wisdom
Venitia Italian, Latin From Venice
Vera Latin The True
Verda Latin Springlike
Verity Latin Truth
Virtue Name
Veronica Latin True Face, True Image
Victoria Latin Victorious
Vidette Hebrew The Beloved
Violet French Purple, Flower
Virginia Latin Maiden
Viridiana, Viridis Latin Green
Vita Latin Alive, Full of Life
Vivian, Vivienne Latin, French Lively, Alive, Full of Life, First name of twin daughter born to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Voletta Old French The Veiled