Baby Name Name Meaning
Adler Eagle
Adolph Noble Wolf
Alder Alder Tree
Alvin Friend to All
Baldwin Bold Friend
Barrett Strong as a Bear
Berg, Bergen Mountain, Hill Dweller
Bernard Brave as a Bear
Bert Bright, Shining
Bruno Brown Haired
Bryon Cottage
Carl Farmer
Charles Farmer
Claus Form of Nicholas
Derick (and all other spellings) Ruler of the People
Dieter Army of the People
Dolf Form of Adolf
Emery Industrious Leader
Emmett Industrious, Strong
Ernst Form of Ernest
Ferdinand Adventurous
Franz Form of Francis
Frederick (and all other spellings) Peaceful Ruler
Fritz Form of Frederick
Gary Mighty Spearman
Guthrie War Hero
Harvey Army Warrior
Heinrich Form of Henry
Helmut Courageous
Henry Ruler of the Household
Herbert, Herb Glorious Soldier
Herman Soldier
Jaegar Hunter
Jarvis Skilled with a Spear
Johan Form of John
Jerry Mighty Spearman
Keene Bold, Sharp
Kurt Courteous
Lamar Famous in the Land
Lance Form of Lancelot
Leonard Brave as a Lion
Louis Famous Warrior
Miles Merciful
Milo Form of Miles
Otis Son of Otto
Otto Rich
Roderick Famous Ruler
Roger Famous Spearman
Rolf Form of Ralph
Rory Form of Roderick
Rudolf Famous Wolf
Roland, Rowland Famous in the Land
Terrell Thunder Ruler
Ulrich Wolf Ruler
Vilhelm Form of William
Walter Army ruler
Wendell Wanderer
Wilfred Determined Peacemaker
Wolfgang Wolf Quarrel

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