Guinevere Alice – the story behind the name

There is a history in my family of using names from other generations. So naturally, I felt compelled to take the same route with my daughter. Guinevere was named after my mother, Winefred Alice. Winefred passed away in 2010 and I knew that I had to somehow name her first grandchild after her.

My mother hated her name. She always told us, myself and my two sisters, that she always wanted a different name. For that reason, Winefred would not be a name that we would use. Her middle name, Alice was perfect, I just wasn’t sure how I would use it. I remember my mom telling me that her name was a variation of Guinevere. Once that thought crossed my mind, I felt in my heart that Guinevere would be my daughters name. My husband agreed. It was the perfect name for the tiny human inside my belly and it was the perfect way to keep part of my mom alive.

The baby name story for Guinevere Alice was submitted by Hannah

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