Khenedii True D’Von – Baby naming story

Khenedii is my 4 and final child. A blessings as my mom would put it because she is the only girl in a household of men. I started very early thinking about names even though I didn’t know the sex. At the time, I was leaning more towards this baby being a boy with a little hopes that it would be girl so my name choices reverted back to that of me trying to find a name that fit both a girl or a boy. I knew that I wanted a name that could stand with the rest of the other strong names but started with a ‘K’ seeing as though we had now 2 children with ‘A’ names and one with a ‘K’ name; I wanted the names to be even. The first name that I came up with was “Kerrington”. To me it was a heavy name but for the most part the short, nicname version of it would be ‘Kerri’; something that would rhyme with my name, Terri. That, unfortunately didn’t go over to well with my husband. He liked the idea, but just not the name. So for another few weeks, we kicked around a few ‘K’ girls and boys names until at a dinner party with friends, my husband’s boss suggested the name ‘Kennedy’. We liked it because, yes, It worked for both male or female. I stuck with that name for the next couple of months, undecided on what the second and/or middle names should be. It wasn’t until I learned the sex of the baby that I was able to decide on her second name, True. I chose True because my maiden name initials come together to make the name, True and I wanted to have my name in there some where.

We still were very undecided about her middle name due to the fact that she had several female family members that she could get a name from. Her grandmothers: Hellen or Vivian; her great-grandmother: Ora Lee; or even her Aunt: Tracie. Unfortunately, none of those names worked for me to give her name that lyrical output that I wanted. Finally, as we neared the time for her birth, we decided on D’Von after my husband’s father who died several years ago in a boating accident. I decided to spell the name with a hyphenated “D” to match her brother’s name D’Angelo. Again, as my husband likes to do, he decided on a unique spelling of her name to be, Khenedii.

Submitted by Terri W.