Kimberly – The baby naming story behind the name

Motherhood was becoming more natural for me and after two kids my body looked better than it did before I had any children. This was one of my most easy pregnancy and surprised me with more cravings. I was very active in hopes for a natural delivery and even made sure I maintained a healthy diet. With all of the information online now days I pursued methods on how to make the baby name process more easier because I wanted my baby to have her own identity. I paid for books, ebooks, apps and even searched other cultures to see what was original yet had a meaning or definition affiliated with it. Only thing that did was add more clutter to my bedroom and work areas. Before I knew it I had a desk filled with baby naming for dummie books, a overdraft in my checking account and here I am sitting in bed on any day status. I resulted back to music to give me the inspiration and motivation behind naming my daughter. Just know its one particular women in the current music industry that have lyrics so powerful you will laugh and cry, dance and sing guaranteed. My water broke listening to this and I had a natural child birth no meds, epidural or nothing. So I have to give special thanks to that’s pink cd for helping me raise a beautiful young daughter name Kimberly.

Submitted by Charmaine M.