John Henry

Submitted by Asger P.

His first name – John – I did not have so much doubt about, since I believe that it was a name that God wanted me to give to my son. For me and my wife, even being a Thai / Danish couple, we are Christians and Jesus / God is a natural part of our lives, since He was the one who gave life to us, ya, to everybody here on Earth !

The thing is about John, he was a disciple of Jesus, a follower – and for that reason alone should be enough to be the perfect name for my son. Another thing about the disciple John, the baptist, the love of God did change His love and got so assuring for him, such an amazing thing that he wrote the letter of John (in the Bible) being inspired by God of course. That God is love and showed out His life, love and face here on earth through His son (being God in human appearance), so captivated John the disciple that it really did change His life!!!

John the disciple never pointed to himself, actually when asked by his disciples, if he was the Messiah – the expected one – John would always point to Jesus, saying “No, I am not…I am just MAKING THE WAY FOR HIM….”.

There is no greater intention for me as a Dad to have for my Son, John, 1) that he too will be captivated and life-changed by the love of God and 2) be a follower of God as well as 3) pointing the way for Jesus…..leading…..

The reason for my sons second name is this : My dad in Denmark died last year at the age of 72 years…….my dads name was Henry as the first name and so in honour, respect and love to my dad, I did wish to give that name to my son as well. That is the whole story of how it became John Henry Poulsen.

Later I did discover that John Henry is also a big American clothes-brand…..but that is NOT the reason for my sons name, nor the legendary John Henry, the railworker…………