Zaryah Quinn

Submitted by Irene C.

At first I didnt really care about what we were going to name her but since she is our first daughter and our first child together, it was special, very special. Everyone around us says I am going to spoiled her but I dont think so. I’ve picked out from either just liking the name or liking the name and its meaning. I didnt want anything too complicated,trendy or trashy but we still wanted a unique name to be as unique as my little mouse will be.

We want to pick three and choose which will be best when she is born oh! My we thought of Kiera, Akhilah, Mai, and Zayra and many more but I named the more appealing to my ear. I love love love Zayra! Its such a pretty name and the letter Z has always been wonderfully unique and striking. I recall Mellisa (god mom) saying you want to pick a name that you can imagine on a 30 -50 year old as well as a child / old person. You also want to pick a name that will fit her no matter what type of person she turns out to be.

Her voiced echoed..-smirk

Unfortunately to me, names are just labels! A person named kathlyn will be different than any other person named kathlyn because the child makes the name, not the other way around.

If you really want a unique name, go for something that is not heard often, but is still timeless and ageless like ‘akilah’ ( I enjoyed hearing Akeelah) it means intelligent, but when you say that you are the one naming your kid their is an inner part that want to somehow reflect the love you hold inside deep inside for then.

Isadora Destini .. she who is to live her destiny. I have a book character with the first names,the list went on and on as I got closer to giving birth.

As life goes on,so does time and on July 26,2010 at 3: 34 pm we announced my beautiful little girl who we named Zaryah, is pronounced ZeherAY- Zaryah origin is African – nigeria.

Zaryah is a variant form of Zaria and it represents a blossoming flower; as middle name ‘Quinn’ means ‘intelligent’ and wise woman. I made a quarrel to choose between Zatasia, Zhenya and Zara, and on that painful and unforgettable afternoon; I became mother of the leader of a new world. I became the protector of Zaryah and I would never want to lose her at all.