Baby Name Name Origin Name Meaning
Laban Hebrew White
Lamar Old German Famous
Lambert Teutonic Land Bright
Lamont Scandinavian Lawyer
Lancelot Germanic Land
Landon English Residence name, From the long hill
Landry English Ruler of the Place, Land Ruler
Lane English Narrow Road
Langley Old English Residence Name
Lars **** Variant of Lawrence
Latimer Anglo-French Occupation Name
Lawrence, Laurence Latin Bay or Laurel Tree
Lazarus Hebrew God Will Help
Leander Greek Courageous
Lee Old English Meadow
Leighton Old English Residence Name
Leith Celtic Wide
Leland Old English Residence Name
Lemuel Hebrew Dedicated to God
Leonard, Leo, Leon Germanic, French, Latin Bold Lion, Middle name of Angelina Jolie and Brat Pitt’s twin baby boy
Leopold Teutonic Patriotic
Leroy Old French Powerful King
Leslie Scottish, Gaelic Holly Garden, Grey Fortress
Lester Latin Camp of the Legion
Levi Hebrew United, Attached to or Attendant upon, first son of Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves
Lew Old English Refuge
Liam Irish Gaelic Guardian
Lincoln English Residence Name, City in Nebraska
Lionel Latin Lion-like
Liron Hebrew My Song or My Joy, Middle Name of Christina Aguiler and Jordan Bratman’s son,
See Max
as the first name
Lloyd Celtic Gray
Logan Irish Gaelic Small Cove
Lombard Teutonic Long-Beard
Lorenzo **** Variant of Lawrence
Loring Old German Famous in War
Lot Hebrew Veiled
Lewis German Warrior, Famed Warrior
Lowell Old English Beloved
Lucius Latin Light
Lucas, Luke Latin Luminous
Luther German Warrior
Lyle French Island
Lyndon Old English Linden Tree
Lysander Greek Liberator