With Memorial Day having just passed us, and the 4th of July and then Labor Day approaching us very soon, if you are pregnant, you are probably constantly pondering and thinking of baby names for the newest addition to your family.  You don’t have to be giving birth around the time of the holidays, you can just pay tribute to America anytime. Why not consider patriotic baby names when considering your baby naming options?  Some names are more subtle in their patriotic meaning such as Saoirse, which is an Irish name meaning freedom or liberty. Choose to name your baby a name with a patriotic spin to it, from Freedom to Blue to quite simply, America.  Why not name your new baby after a U. S. President?  Using one of any of the President’s of the United States names, first or last, is always patriotic.  Some of the more popular President’s first and last names are below. You can also check out the names of children of the Presidents of the United States here.

Patriotic Name Explanation if Needed
Abraham First name of 16th President
Arnold Meaning is Eagle Power
Austin American City
Bell/Belle Liberty Bell
Betsy As in Betsy Ross
Blue A color of the U. S. Flag
Bronx American City
Brooklyn American City
Carolina American Cities
Carter First name of 39th President
Dallas American City
Ellis Ellis Island
George First name of 1st President
Georgia American State
Grant Last name of 18th President
Jackson Last name of 7th President
Kennedy Last name of 35th President
Lincoln Last name of 16th President
Madison Last name of 4th President
Martha First name of 1st First Lady
Montana American State
Patriot/Pat Nickname of Pat
Reagan Last name of 40th President
Saoirse An Irish word meaning
liberty or freedom,
pronounced “sear sha”
Star Part of the U. S. Flag
Virginia American State
Washington Last name of 1st President, American State


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