The following girls baby names are names that have been submitted by our Users. Where possible, included are an explanation of how the names were created. If you would like to submit names, please email us.

Baby Name Meaning or Creation
Abianne Combination of Abigail and Anne
Akia Combination of the letter A and Kia
A’Janae Unknown
Atiyana Unknown
Bettina Combination of Beth and Tina
Beyonce Unknown
Braelyn Combination of Bray and Lynn
Baylyn Unknown
Camisha Combination of Cami and Aesha
Chinyere What God has Given
Ciliza Unknown
Coralee Combination of Cora and Lee
Damonica Form of Monica
Dashawna Unknown
Darilynn Unknown
Doneshia Unknown
Chavonne Form of Yvonne
Graceanne Combination of Grace and Anne
Hermetta Unknown
Issaline Click for Explanation
Jaquelle Unknown
From Kailey and Anna
Kaniya Click for Explanation
Katrita Unknown
Kayleigh-Ann Combination of Kayleigh and Ann
Keneisha Unknown
Lanien Pronounced La-neen
Lysee Friend of Kirstyn
Makayla Unknown
Maleaka Unknown
Mialyn Combination of Mia and Lynda
Mikki Unknown
Merilynn Form of Marilyn
Myeisha Unknown
Nakeisha Form of Keisha
Nuesha Unknown
Quianna Unknown
Shatrina Unknown
Shawntika Unknown
Shevonie Click for Explanation
Taheesha Unknown
Takira Form of Kira
Timari Click for Explanation
Trynita Unknown