Baby Name Name Origin Name Meaning
Radcliffe Old English Residence Name
Radford Old English Residence Name
Raleigh Old English Deer Meadow
Ralph **** Variant of Randolph
Ramon Teutonic Mighty Protector
Ramsey Scottish Island of Ravens
Randolph Anglo Saxon Strong Shield
Raphael Hebrew God Has Healed
Raymond Old English Wise Guardian
Redmond Old English Protected by Reeds
Reed English Red-headed, Reed
Reeves Middle English Steward
Reginald Germanic Power
Renfred Teutonic Peacemaker
Renwick Teutonic Residence Name
Reuben Hebrew Behold, A Son
Rex Latin King
Rhett Old English Stream
Richard Old German Powerful Ruler
Ridley Old English Residence Name
Riley, Reilly Irish Gaelic Valiant or Small Stream
Robert Anglo Saxon Bright Fame
Robin English Variant of Robert
Roderick Old German Famous Ruler
Rodney Teutonic Famous
Roger French Famous Warrior
Roland Teutonic Fame of the Land
Rolfe **** Variant of Rudolph
Romeo Italian-Latin A Pilgrim to Rome
Ronald Teutonic Of Mighty Power
Rory Celtic Red King
Roscoe Teutonic Residence Name
Ross British Wood
Roswell Teutonic Mighty Steed
Roy Old French King
Royce Old French, Latin Son of Roy, Kingly
Rudolph Teutonic Far-famed Wolf
Ruford Old English From the Red Ford
Rufus Latin Red-Haired
Rupert Teutonic Of Shining Fame
Russell French Red
Rutherford Old English Residence Name
Ryan, Rian Irish Gaelic Little King