The following boys baby names are names that have been submitted by our Users. Where possible, included are an explanation of how the names were created. If you would like to submit names, please email us.

Baby Name Meaning or Creation
CeeJay Spelling of Letters
Damario Form of Mario
Davonte Unknown
Dawan Unknown
Dewayne Unknown
Demontay Unknown
Gillus Unknown
Hoby Unknown
Jamari Unknown
Jae’won Unknown
Keveen Unknown
Keever Unknown
Lamond Form of Lamont
Laquan Unknown
Marcoe Unknown
Osment Unknown
Quantiko Unknown
Reshawn Form of Shawn
Rontae Unknown
Shaquan Unknown
Singor Unknown
Skylar Unknown
Spike, Spyke Submitted by Kyle
Sukmeh Unknown
Tishaun Unknown
TJ Letters, usually standing for other names
Tyree Unknown
Tylee Unknown
Tywan Unknown