Baby Name Name Origin Name Meaning
Hadden Old English From the Moor
Hadley English Heather Meadow
Hadwin Teutonic Friend in War
Haines Teutonic From a Vined Cottage
Hal **** Variant of Henry
Halbert Teutonic Bright Stone
Halden Teutonic Half-Dane
Hale Teutonic Robust
Halen Swedish Hall
Hall Old English From the Hall or Manor
Halsey Old English Residence Name
Hamlin Teutonic Ruler of the Home
Hanley Old English From the High Meadow
Hans Hebrew God’s Gracious Gift
Hansel **** Variant of John
Harcourt French Residence Name
Hardy Teutonic Strong
Harlan Old English From the Army Territory
Harley Old English Army Meadow
Harlow Old English Army Hill, Troops on the Hill
Harold, Harry, Harris Anglo Saxon Power
Harrison English Son of Harry
Hartley Old English Residence Name
Hauk Norwegian Wild Hawk
Hayden Teutonic Residence Name
Hayes Old English From the Hedged Hill
Heath English Wasteland
Hector Greek Steadfast
Henry Germanic Ruler of the House
Herbert Teutonic Bright Warrior
Herman Teutonic Warrior
Herwin Teutonic Friend of War
Hilliard Teutonic Guardian in War
Hilton Old English Residence Name
Hiram Hebrew Exalted
Hobart Teutonic Bright Minded
Holbrook Old English Residence Name
Holden Teutonic Kind or Gracious
Homer Greek A Pledge or Security
Horace, Horatio Latin Timekeeper
Hosea Hebrew Salvation
Houston English Town on the Hill, Texas City
Howard Germanic Strong Minded
Hoyt Irish Mind, Spirit
Hubert Teutonic Bright Minded
Hugh, Hugo Teutonic Intelligent
Humphrey Teutonic Supporter of Peace
Hunter Anglo Saxon Hunter
Hyman Hebrew Life