Choosing a baby name will be one of the most important things you decide for your baby. Whether it be your baby’s first name or his or her middle name, it will be exciting and fun to choose.    

At you will find many top and popular baby names, their meanings and their origins, as well as unique names, celebrity names and themed names.

Take a look, have some fun, even look up your own name.

It’s what all the chatter is about!


Whether they are classic, unique, wacky or unusual, celebrity baby names are very interesting. Find out all of your favorite celebrity baby names just by clicking on the letter of the alphabet of the last name of your favorite celeb! You can see all of them at If you know of one that you don’t see, shoot us an email and we will add it.


An Excellent Baby Registry

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Baby Registry




Spark your creativity for choosing a baby name and find names you may have not even thought of. There are 10 girl names and 10 boy names that were the top and most popular baby names of 2022, as reported by the Social Security Administration (SSA). See if you can spot them all. If you need to take a look at the names, just click here for all of the names. Happy baby name hunting!
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Pets and New Babies

So you’ve done everything you need in preparing to bring home your new baby. You have the nursery decorated, the layette, have chosen a name and decided whether to breastfeed or bottle feed. One thing you may have forgotten is Fluffy and Rover… your pets. Up until now, your pets have probably been your “babies”

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Baby Name Stories

Do you have a great baby name story to tell? Tell us your story, we will post it and send you a free Starbucks gift certificate. Coffee will be on us!

You can read other very interesting and inspiring baby naming stories that come straight from new and experienced moms and dads here.

Brand new baby naming stories:
Jonavan, Allana Rose, Jeniffer Marie

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Baby Naming Tips and Considerations

Choosing the name for your baby will probably be one of the most important, exciting and fun things you will do during your pregnancy. Throughout the pregnancy, many hours will be spent on choosing the baby’s name. Friends, relatives, and even strangers will give you their opinions. You will probably consider many names and name


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Things you didn’t know you needed

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