We want you!

For the first 10 people with stories that we publish, we will send you a cup of Starbucks Coffee (a $5.00 gift certificate!).

We want to know your baby naming story. Please tell us how you decided upon the name you chose or are choosing for your child. We would like to include your baby name story on our blog for others to enjoy. We will also be including some of our reader stories in each edition of our newsletter.

It’s not required to give your name, just the name you choose and your story behind choosing that name (we will just say from a BabyChatter.com reader if you choose not to give your name). Our readers, myself included, LOVE to hear naming stories! If we do not already have the name on our site, we will include it there too!

Email us at info@babychatter.com so that we can tell your story too! Please give permission in the email that you send for us to use it on our blog and newsletter. Please make your story at least 200 words and grammatically correct. We will proofread before we publish.