Chanley Grace – the story behind the baby name

Her dad’s name is Channing and my name is Davee after my dad named David. I’ve always loved unique names since ours are, so I wanted a unique one for her. I thought of all the new popular names Kinley, Paisley, etc. My dad’s name is Lee so I thought why not take the beginning of her dad’s name and name her after him and my dad’s middle name. So I came up with Chan-Lee , but decided to spell it Chanley as the popular spelling of other similar names.

The reason it’s also Grace is because of God’s grace. I was going to name her Chanley Mae since she was due in May, but I was riding down the road one day about 12 weeks pregnant and the name Grace came over me because of God’s grace. He blesses us even when we don’t deserve to be at times. I had a miscarriage in May 2014 a month after we got married at 4-5 weeks pregnant. There were two subchorionic hemorrhages found around Chanley at our first ultrasound. We had given up on trying after that last miscarriage and a year and a half later God extended his Grace and we were pregnant at last without all the fertility mess and such I was on before with the other one.

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