Brooke Celine

Submitted by Denise D.

We kept our child’s gender a surprise, so we had to have two names picked out. Did we.. Nope. After making lists, and going through different baby naming books, we finally agreed on a boy’s name, but when it came to girl names, our choices were vastly different.

One night in bed, we were talking about how time was a tickin’, and no baby girl name. I joked since we lived in Brooklyn, we could name her Brooke, and have her middle name be Lynn. We both kinda liked that name, but by no means could we put our daughter through that, so we laughed it off.

When I finally went into labor, we still had yet to pick one. In the middle of mind-numbing contractions, breathing patterns, and moans of uncontrollable discomfort, we asked each other, what if it’s a girl.. what will we name her? As I knelt over the balance ball, circling my hips, and clenching the ball as if it could save me from the pain that was coursing through my body every other minute, I yelled out, “Brooke! I like Brooke!” And there it was.

Guess who popped out after 42 hours of labor, our lil’ daughter Brooke. And for those that are wondering, we left the Lyn (Lynn) for the city to have. Our daughter’s name is Brooke Celine.