Patrick – A Father’s Baby Name Story

This by far has to be one of the coolest names ever. I did not think that my first son would be nothing other than a Junior. Until that day a cold night in January I wasn’t prepared for the storm that was headed to the D.C. area, but what I was prepared for was my child being born. My wife had a good pregnancy no sickness or struggles. She stayed active and did lots of walking so we took plenty of walks and even walked to some of the neighborhood restaurants and grocery stores.

It seemed like a cool day to just sit in the house and watch a movie but no… my wife pressed the issue and had us go to the movie theatre, in frigid temperatures and about 8 inches of snow on the ground that turned into ice, but we only lived less than a block so I was cool with it. So when we got in here I knew the Movie title Dirty Dancing would be interesting but I didn’t know it was like that. Patrick Swayze was so powerful after practicing all of those moves in my mirror I thought I was him so much I named my son Patrick. He isn’t a dancer and my wife to this day has plenty of regrets but still tease me about all the money I spent on dirty dancing apparel.

Submitted by Mac M.