Barrett Benjamin – Baby Naming Story

When we were expecting our first born we didn’t know the gender of our baby, so we couldn’t wait for delivery to meet the baby and find out if it was a boy or girl!! Prior to his delivery, we had selected a couple boy names and a couple girl names. We wanted to wait and look at our baby before we had definitely decided on a name. Barrett was a name we had seen in a baby book on our way to visit some family, we added it to one of the top three on our list after we saw it! We wanted an original name, one that wasn’t overly used or common, but also something that wasn’t so out there that he would wonder for the rest of his life why we named him that.

On the day of my emergency C-section, we got to meet our baby BOY! After seeing him, we narrowed down from the top three names that he was definitely a Barrett! The meaning for Barrett is Bear or Bear Strength or power, and this describes him well. Benjamin is his father’s name. His father’s middle name is also his father’s, so we wanted to continue this tradition.

Submitted by Rebecca L.