Camryn Margie – the naming story behind the name

My cousin Nicki is having a little girl due in September, she has no idea that I am putting her story out for others to read. She chose the name Camryn Margie for her little girl. Camryn is the name she chose as a young girl, for a daughter we weren’t even sure of being a possibility due to health concerns. The middle name Margie, is in honor of Nicki’s grandmother whom lost a battle to cancer two years ago. This woman was amazing and all of the things we as a family hope Camryn embodies as she grows up. Independence, strength, love for others, compassion and beauty. We all wish Camryn was able to meet her great grandmother Margie, but having her name will allow her to grow up having her in the most special place of all; her heart. Nicki and Camryn I love you both so much.

*I as well as my family give permission for this story to be published in blogs and newsletters.

Submitted by Jessica H.