Princess Carol – A father’s baby naming story

After an unplanned 1st pregnancy I was sure to take the necessary precautions ranging from baby wipes to my baby name. O.K. By June me and my wife knew we was going to have a daughter and she was going to be born in December. We tried to capitalize of that and use it at the season more less for the theme at the baby shower as well. So we tried incorporating the Holy Bible with naming procedure and it was a lengthy ordeal trying to pick and chose different names, flip, and figure out how can we make our soon to be daughter name sound recent.

As the winter months approached we were overwhelmed with Christmas gifts and love from all types of people and I happened to be invited to appear along a well renowned singer in a production. I was exhilarated and at times during the actual event felt some sense of the spirit in my body, constant chills and was in a godly mind state. On the stage we gave the audience a performance to remember for ages. Upon exiting the theatre we left out the back of the building and I heard some of the most subtle sounds coming from an older woman singing our favorite pastime Christmas Carols. Silent Night to be specific… that Christmas carol put me in a trance that made me try to perfect that song for my own purposes. That Christmas Carol is the reason My Daughter’s name is Princess Carol.

Submitted By Mac M.