Jax Joseph Hutton – A father’s baby name story

Hi my name is Brian and my wife’s name is Kayla. The story I’m going to tell you is about the naming of our first child, our son Jaxson Hutton. We found out in May of 2011 that my wife was pregnant for the second time. The first was a miscarriage and we were trying to having a baby desperately so it was very welcomed news. Upon finding out we made our usual pregnancy appointments and they were all turning out normal so the worry of another miscarriage was beginning to totally disappear. Then during the 18th week we had the ultrasound which would sex the baby and that’s when we found out we’d be having a wonderful baby boy. It was a long time hope of mine to have a son and now it was completely coming true and my wife and I both couldn’t have been any happier. Now our minds began to race as to what we were going to name our son, because we were kind of keeping names out of sight and out of mind until we were sure that everything with the pregnancy was fine and what sex the baby was going to be.

Now it was time to pick a name for our son and that’s where the fun began. We looked through baby books, thought about naming him after myself and making him a junior, thought about naming him after other members of our family like grandfathers/fathers and so on. We had thought long and hard for quite a few months lol as if it was a quantum physics problem. Then a show that my wife and I began to watch together religiously started a new season and we watched it every Tuesday night together. That’s when it came to us after talking to my wives mother and realizing we loved the name of our favorite character on the show. We both decided on Jaxson Joseph Hutton at the same time. My wife wanted to be a little creative with the name instead of the original Jackson she changed it up a little bit by putting in the x instead of the ck. Joseph was the middle name of most of the men on my side of the family so it only seemed appropriate to give him that middle name. That’s how the naming of our son Jax Hutton came about!

Submitted by Brian H.