Madison Jade – The story behind naming the baby

There is something amazing about knowing that you’re pregnant. When my sister found out that she was pregnant, the first thing that she wanted to do was go shopping…in NEW YORK!! I suppose it was to celebrate the soon-to-come little one, or to quench her never ending thirst for new things. Whatever it was, the trip to New York inspired her in the most amazing way to come up with a very appropriate name for my niece. It was a very humid day in the Empire state, and we had just taken a train ride from DC to the NYC. “Chinatown!” she’d said, “That’s where we’ll begin.”

It was around 7:00 am when we arrived and nothing was open but McDonald’s. After a bit of walking shops began to open. We ended up in a super secret, back alley shop that sort of looked like a house. Nonetheless, after going up two flights of stairs we ended up in a most amazing jewelry and purse boutique. My sister had been contemplating baby names on the train the whole way up, but it wasn’t until a mysterious woman of Asian descent came up to her, rubbed her belly and said “lucky baby” did my sister soon come up with the name. “Madison because we were waiting on Madison Avenue for our taxi to Chinatown and “Jade” because it was a very lucky stone.” And that was how Mady’s name came to be.

Submitted By Angela.