Reasel – the story behind the baby name

Our third child was on the way and both her elder brother and sister wanted to have a say in choosing her name. The only thing my wife and I knew for sure was that we wanted her name, like that of her siblings to start with the letter R. At least we all agreed on that.

As the time of the baby’s arrival drew near the gentle bickering became a daily chorus of name throwing. Not name throwing in the conventional sense. Rather this was all about throwing names out to find one that met with universal household approval.

The day of birth arrived and we were blessed with a girl whose name was still not decided upon. Not wanting to spend much more time on our little girl’s name we all decided on a compromise. Our beautiful daughter would be called Reasel: First syllable of her sister (Reanne) and last syllable of her brother Russel. Everyone was happy with this name. And Reasel’s name had maintained a naming tradition in my family that been handed down for three generations. Her name began with the letter R. Granted it was an original name that we had arrived at out of expediency.

Submitted by Roger W.