Dominic – A mother’s naming story

My husband and I couldn’t agree on a name for our baby boy. He wanted a combination of family names. I also had some family names I was thinking about. In order not to hurt anyone’s feelings we decided to look for a name that we both liked. We also wanted a name we hadn’t heard in awhile. I searched baby name lists for weeks. Finally, I came across Dominic! I loved the name instantly and quickly text my husband. He also loved the name! We agreed on Dominic and Dom for short. Dom just so happens to be Vin Diesel’s character name (Dominic “Dom” Toretto) in The Fast and the Furious series which makes me love it even more!

DOMINIC – From the Late Latin name Dominicus meaning “of the Lord”. This name was traditionally given to a child born on Sunday. Several saints have borne this name, including the 13th-century founder of the Dominican order of friars.

Dominic was scheduled to be born on a Sunday via c-section but decided he wanted to meet us a day earlier – December 20 – just in time for us to get home for Christmas!

Submitted by Meagan S.