Aydan Raine

The father and I decided to come up with a boys and a girls name in the beginning just to be prepared either way. The boys name was easy, we both loved Liam and decided to use Daddy’s middle name Matthew, so we had Liam Matthew.

The girls name however was not so easy. I loved Daliah but Daddy hated it. So we had to compromise. I searched at least 20 different sites looking for a name that was both beautiful and different. We had a few contenders but finally came across one that stuck in our heads and so we decided to work with it. The name was Aiden or Aidan. In researching the name, the spelling with an (e) was a boys name but the spelling with an (a) was unisex. So we chose to go with the (a) spelling. I also wanted to make it a little unique so I decided to change the (i) to a (y). So in the end we can up with Aydan.

For the middle name I have always loved the traditional idea of the middle name honoring an important member of the family who has passed. I lost my grandmother in March of 2012 and her name was Lorraine so I went with the last half of her name, Raine. We found out in my 18th week that it was a girl!! So in the end we have a beautiful little girl coming into our family in May with the name Aydan Raine.

Submitted by Nicole C.