Beverlyann Rose – The mom’s story behind the baby name

My second daughter was a struggle during much of my pregnancy. I almost miscarried with her at three months when I began bleeding profusely and had to be rushed 25 minutes away to the nearest emergency room. There were several occurrence’s that made her life even more fragile and delicate for us.

We decided on Beverlyann as her first name as a fond memory of a dear friend of her fathers and Rose as her middle name. My favorite flower is a blue rose with its delicate and rare petals which to me, symbolizes the rare and beautiful moments in life we hold dear to that we often do not realize just how precious and fragile they really are. Something to be cherished and loved.

Her delivery was long and difficult for myself and the doctors and it made her name even more special. We were exhausted and it seemed forever for them to clean her up, and to hear her make a sound. I started to panic when we did not hear anything out of her and the relief was immeasurable when she finally did. Her first breath and hearing her cry was worth every bit of pain because she was my delicate flower, my rare beauty, my Beverlyann Rose.

Submitted by June H.