Palmer Malen – A mother’s naming story

Our second child was such a surprise as our son Barrett wasn’t even one year old yet! But we couldn’t have been more excited! Like our first, we didn’t find out the sex of our baby until my scheduled C-section, the excitement is so worth it all leading up to that moment when they announce “It’s A …”! With our first, Palmer had been a contender for a girl name if we had a girl. We originally heard this name in a movie. Typically, this name is used for a boy, but we like masculine names for girls as well. We had a couple other girl names picked out in case, but Palmer was pretty much it unless she absolutely didn’t look like a “Palmer” to us!

When they pulled our GIRL out during surgery, she came out with a smile on her face (seriously!)! It was so amazing! Once we got to hold her and be alone with her, we knew – to us, that she was Palmer! Her middle name is a little bit more interesting, Malen (pronounced Ma –Lynn). Each letter is an initial of her aunt and uncles, M- Morgan, A- Andy, L- Lexi, E – Emily, N- Nate, we are such a close family and all take care of each other, I thought that was a neat way to honor and involve them. They sure saw it as an honor and she will carry them with her throughout her life.