Baby Name Angivette – a Mother’s Naming Story

How I choose​ my baby girls name Angivette it actually is a combination of two names Angel and Ivette which are her paternal grandparents whom by the way is very fond and close to. When I thought of choosing a baby name I always thought it had to be special and of course mean something that she could cherish her whole entire life and be proud of. When I was 6 months pregnant her dad got sick with pneumonia (which he recovered from thank God for that) I would visit him and stay the whole day with him even though I knew I wasn’t supposed to but then again I love him so I’d do anything for him. On one of the family visits one of his aunts cameo visit him and said hey I was at work today and a customer game me prescription to work on and it the name on it suites you well “Angie Ivette” I quickly fell in love with it and told my husband that’s the one I want that’s her name I can feel it inside me besides it has a meaning to me because of all that your parents have done for me and you besides it would be an honor to have her have their name combined besides she is their first grandchild and its perfect he looked at me and said yes your right and even though that was 4 years ago and I’m not with her father anymore I will never ever regret giving her their name because just as much as she is the best thing that ever happened to me they also have a big part in my life.

Submitted by Jessica C.